Brighouse’s Twin Link

Following the formation of twin link societies in 1962, Brighouse and Lüdenscheid have now been twinned for over fifty years. The link between the towns was first founded in 1950 by Brighouse Children's Theatre, which exchanged visits with a similar group in Lüdenscheid. The twin link societies were formed with the aim to:

“bring a wealth of friendship and understanding to our two towns and to help draw our two nations together”

Get Involved

As an organisation we are always happy to welcome new members. Families are especially welcome, and if you would like to be a part of our annual exchange visits, enjoy the friendship and hospitality of others and are prepared to offer the same in return, please get in touch!

Between annual visits, we also organise a number of social or fundraising events and hold four quarterly meetings.

Annual Easter Visits

The society arranges annual exchange visits which have enabled many close and lasting friendships to be forged. In even years a group of about 40 members visit Lüdenscheid, staying with private families over Easter week. In odd years this hospitality is returned when our German guests come to Brighouse.

The generous hospitality to guests on both sides is responsible for the twin link success.

A Brief History

The link is strengthened by the civic twinning charter which was signed in 1960. Since then, Brighouse has become part of Calderdale, and Lüdenscheid the capital town of Märkischer Kreis.

The twinning in Brighouse is most visible in the town bypass which was renamed Lüdenscheid Link shortly after it opened in March 1984.

In Lüdenscheid there is Brighouse Park, outside which stands a traditional English red phone box. Several years ago a mural of a Brighouse scene, painted by pupils of Lightcliffe CE Primary School, was erected at one of the entrances to Stern-Center, a new indoor shopping center close to the modern town hall.

Brighouse Lüdenscheid Society